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Platform for Cyber Workforce Research and Development

CERT STEPfwd (Simulation, Training, and Exercise Platform) combines extensive research and innovative technology to offer a unique solution to cybersecurity workforce research and development, helping practitioners and their teams build knowledge, skills, and experience in a continuous cycle of professional development.

The goal of this approach is for cybersecurity professionals to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience to successfully and effectively perform their duties, individually making improvements and collectively moving the organization forward.

The platform enables the CERT Division to perform research, and to test new technologies and content to better understand how to rapidly advance the state of practice for cyber workforce development.

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CERT STEPfwd contains a library of instruction and reference information about vital information security topics. To learn more about providing access to CERT STEPfwd for your organization, please send an email to course-info@sei.cmu.edu or call +1-412-268-7622. (Access restrictions apply)

US Government Personnel

FedVTE is transitioning. A new FedVTE site is coming February 2015. This transition will help to ensure long-term access to free cybersecurity training for the Federal IT workforce. All details regarding the new site will be posted to the following page: http://niccs.us-cert.gov/training/fedvte.
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Access a rich library of cyber security and information assurance content. View and manage your organization as they progress toward their workforce development objectives.

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